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New Member Spotlight: Rishabh Agarwal

Rishabh “Rish” Agarwal is a rising sophomore from Kolkata, India. At Furman Rish is majoring in Economics and Mathematics as well as pursuing a pre-med track. This summer Rish is working with Pepsi as a marketing intern and with a start-up organization called Zest. When asked about his experience with our chapter Rish had this to say, “it’s hard for me to sum my Sigma Chi experience in words. It’s a brotherhood that cannot be defined…only experienced; being an international student in college was hard as is, but the brothers in Sigma Chi and my pledge class made college not only a lot more enjoyable but also bearable being so far away from home. I’m excited for what else Sigma Chi has in store for me these next few years and I’m also looking forward to how I can help contribute to improve our chapter to be the best that we can be.” We hope you are enjoying your last week or so of summer Rish, and wish you well on your journey from Kolkata back to Furman!

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